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Spring Training 2012

Rebuilt in America: The New Normal

In the first half of your life, you found yourself.

In the second half, you create who you are.

Here is the new Midwest Real where overweight is no longer the norm, fearlessness over-rides anxiety, and, healthy resilience becomes the re-discovered energy that defines our days.

Boomerz provides not only the workouts but the social, emotional, and fude network foundations that promote the ideal lifestyle. This community is for those that want more than average. These classes, camps and culinary recreations demonstrate the reality that 40-something is naturally extraordinary, 50-something is seriously phenomenal and, 60-something is the truest form of astounding.

The best news is: your life is more about decisions and less about fate.

It really is up to you.

Join us.

JoAnn Jancik

Boomerz Consulting and Fitness
– Offering custom individualized health and lifestyle coaching to women, with nutrition and fitness classes available in Naperville and Wheaton, IL.
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